Accueil 5 Expertise 5 Avenue des Pins safer and greener thanks to our multidisciplinary teams


Avenue des Pins safer and greener thanks to our multidisciplinary teams

Our project team, comprising experts in Civil Engineering, Maintenance and Mobility, Traffic Lights, Roads, Management, Electricity and Urban Design, successfully completed the redevelopment of Avenue des Pins, between Rue Saint-Denis and Avenue du Parc in Montreal. 

Avenue des Pins is of historic and cultural importance to the City of Montreal. It is home to iconic buildings, historic residences and remarkable parks. The section redeveloped by our teams has undergone a complete metamorphosis, and now offers a new public square facing Hôtel-Dieu hospital, decorated with a work of art paying tribute to the nursing profession.

An avenue adapted to active modes of transport and climatic realities

The redevelopment involved adding 150 trees, widening sidewalks, incorporating absorbent sidewalks, raised pedestrian crossings, one-way bike paths and green spaces at intersections. Formerly characterized by its greyness and mineral appearance, the avenue now offers greater safety, comfort and a better experience for all its users. A major element of this project is the innovative use of “rooting cells” under the asphalt, providing more space for tree roots. Eventually, these trees will become imposing, transforming the entire avenue, from avenue du Parc to rue Saint-Denis. This project is a good model of sustainable planning, adapting the city to climatic realities, and part of an approach aimed at increasing road safety, promoting active modes of transport and reducing heat islands.

Our teams provided the following services for this project:

  •  Landscaping
  • Roads and sidewalks, demolition and reconstruction
  • Traffic maintenance
  • Lighting and traffic lights, demolition and reconstruction
  • Non-illuminated signage, demolition and reconstruction
  • Main and secondary aqueducts, demolition and reconstruction
  • Combined sewer, demolition and reconstruction
  • Site supervision
  • Calculation assumptions for each discipline
  • Urban technical network, CSEM, Bell, demolition and reconstruction
  • Energir network, demolition and reconstruction
  • Calculation of quantities and estimation of work costs
  • Evaluation of risk elements

A tribute to nurses 

As part of the redevelopment of Avenue des Pins, a new public square has been created, featuring a work entitled “Notre souffle par-delà” (Our breath beyond), made up of three sets of bronze sculptures evoking the concepts of hospitality, transmission and care. The new public square, located at the intersection of rue Jeanne-Mance and avenue des Pins Ouest, offers a breathtaking view of nearby Mont-Royal. This location is particularly symbolic for celebrating the nursing profession, as it is in close proximity to Hôtel-Dieu, the mother house of the Religieuses hospitalières de Saint-Joseph, the Royal Victoria Hospital, and bears the name of the co-founder of Montreal, Jeanne Mance, also a nurse.

Ville de Montréal

Congratulations to all the departments involved, a fine contribution that combines nature and urban planning for this avenue of great importance in the City of Montreal.