At FNX-INNOV, we strive day after day to redefine engineering without barriers. We are a multi-disciplinary engineering company that distinguishes itself through the creativity of our specialists and the know-how of our expert teams to carry out large-scale projects that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.
FNX-INNOV À propos

Recognized for our innovation, the quality of our technical and technological performance, and the efficiency of our customer service, we offer a complete range of services in environment, energy, infrastructure, water treatment, building, industrial and mining engineering, telecommunications, earth sciences, materials engineering, and project and construction management.

With 1,100 professionals and experts in 18 offices across Canada, we have developed a unique expertise over the past 50 years, built around on a strong local presence combined with the strength and dynamism of our seasoned experts, who combine engineering, project management, environmental protection and systems integration to offer comprehensive solutions to our customers’ most complex requirements.

En 2023, nous avons franchi une étape importante dans notre croissance en rejoignant le Groupe ARTELIA, un Groupe international d’ingénierie multidisciplinaire indépendant en devenant leur plateforme de développement en Amérique du Nord.

In 2023, we took an important step in our growth by joining the ARTELIA Group, an international independent multidisciplinary engineering group by becoming their platform for development in North America. By joining forces, we complement our expertise and diversify our service offerings for our customers, drawing on an additional pool of 7,300 specialists, engineers and technicians with a global presence on five continents, in 40 countries.

Driven by shared values of technical excellence, proximity to customers and entrepreneurial spirit, our 100%-owned group is becoming a major independent player in the engineering market, committed more than ever to being a company that is useful to the world and to people, and that contributes through its activities to having a positive impact on the environment and society.

En 2023, nous avons franchi une étape importante dans notre croissance en rejoignant le Groupe ARTELIA, un Groupe international d’ingénierie multidisciplinaire indépendant en devenant leur plateforme de développement en Amérique du Nord.

Our cutting-edge expertise in a multitude of sectors and our determination to keep abreast of new trends have made us a company with an innovative DNA, positioning us as a leader in the creation of solutions for the future.

FNX-INNOV croit, valorise et promeut une culture forte de transparence et d’imputabilité où aucun compromis sur l’éthique et la probité n’a sa place.

Ethical conduct and honesty

FNX-INNOV believes in, values, and promotes a culture of transparency and imputability where there is no room for any breach of ethical conduct or honesty. Our Code of Conduct frames and supports how we do business and interact with our personnel, managers, shareholders, clients, partners, suppliers, and government authorities in Canada and abroad.

À propos, Assurance qualité

Quality Assurance

Our client satisfaction is a constant concern. FNX-INNOV has implemented a quality system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 to ensure that products and services meet client requirements, standards and regulations in force.

We are committed to providing quality assurance to our clients and we apply ourselves to the execution of strict guidelines both internally and externally in order to keep our products and services at their level of excellence.

Occupational health and safety

FNX-INNOV’s operations are designed to safeguard occupational health and safety for all staff members as well as entrepreneurs, clients, and the public by ensuring that working conditions, equipment, workplaces, and worksites are completely safe.

On all projects, we comply with current legislation, government policies, and industry standards on workplace safety, while also applying safety measures to our project-planning process.

FNX-INNOV encourages all personnel to take part in identifying, preventing, and eliminating hazards and injury risks and to act responsibly at all times in this regard. FNX-INNOV’s ultimate occupational health and safety objective is to provide a working environment that is incident-free and to prevent all accident-related losses.

FNX-INNOV À propos
FNX-INNOV Service à la clientèle

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction remains a priority for FNX-INNOV. This is why we strive to put in place programs and policies that allow us to continuously improve our customer service.

Whether it is through our personalized interactions and exchanges, the accessibility of our facilities or the efficiency of our systems, we make it our duty to listen to our clients and partners and to meet their needs and expectations as best we can.
To learn more about our programs and policies as well as for any comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to write to us at info@fnx-innov.com or contact us at +1-888-772-2544.