Our vision, mission and values define who we are and guide us every day in the actions we take and the services we provide. These guidelines set the direction of where we are heading. They highlight what differentiates and characterizes us and coordinate the efforts of the entire company to achieve our current and future objectives.

Our mission

Redefine engineering without any barriers to meet our clients’ most complex requirements with respect for the environment and the communities we serve.

Our vision

Become a recognized leader in the development of innovative solutions and integrated services from design to execution.

¯Collaboration Valuing collective and multidisciplinary work. Our values ¯Entrepreneurial spirit The willingness to undertake
and initiate projects.
Our values
¯Innovation Open to change, novelty
and creation
Our values
¯Respect Respect for people, living spaces
and the environment.
Our values
¯Integrity Professionalism with emphasis
on honesty and transparency.
Our values

Let’s Redesign the Future Together

With an unwavering focus on solutions and results, we can redefine engineering together without any barriers. Build your career with FNX-INNOV thanks to major projects that meet your aspirations.

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