Drone surveys enhance our range of surveying services

Our survey team is adding a new string to its bow by offering a new service of surveys and inspections by drone. Indeed, our survey team has three Transport Canada certified drone pilots to perform advanced operations.

With the acquisition of drones, our survey specialists can now perform aerial imagery and inspection. After a year of training, testing and tool development, our drone survey services are now up and running and allow us to start new projects with high-resolution georeferenced aerial photos of the site concerned. This allows us to obtain a georeferenced image in AutoCAD or a surface modeled in AutoCAD Civil 3D, with the support of data processing tools developed in-house by our own teams.

The 3D model generated by photogrammetry is an interesting alternative to LIDAR and the accuracy resulting from these measurements is constantly improving. In addition, the use of drones for site inspections of all kinds allows real-time inspection using virtual reality glasses, thus avoiding nacelles and many dangers.

“Collecting topographic or topometric information with the greatest possible accuracy in all available geodetic systems is the mission of our Surveying department.”