Eight colleagues have completed The A Effect’s 100 Day Challenge

L'effet A
L'effet A

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The 100-Day Challenge is a unique training program designed for professional women who want to take charge of their ambition and better communicate it. Eight of our colleagues took part in a 14-week course this fall to further their reflection, participate in group workshops and take on challenges with the goal of acquiring introspective habits to better take action.

The 100-Day Challenge training is divided into three main pillars of behavior: building confidence, taming risk-taking and developing influence. Using an online platform, participants completed weekly learning cards related to the three pillars. These cards presented various reflection and introspection activities, including setting an ambitious challenge to be achieved over the 100-day period, which allowed the women to prepare for the workshops with The A Effect leaders and the discussion groups.

Audrey Provost, Carolane Brière, Alaa Hasbani, Carole Taillée, Jade Bossé Bélanger, Josianne Duval, Manuelle Martineau and Stéphanie Csukassy completed 14 learning cards over a period of 14 weeks, in addition to participating in three 2.5-hour workshops with Effect A leaders and two 2-hour web conferences. In addition, each participant was associated with a triad, a group of three participants from outside our company and from various specialties, where five meetings were organized in order to deepen the learning of the program and to develop a network that supports the realization of the training.

Audrey Provost
Carolane Brière
Alaa Hasbani

“The 100-Day Challenge allowed me to adopt a mental posture of development, where I had the opportunity to question my habits as well as my practices, to try different avenues and to consolidate these new skills. In return, I learned a lot about my weaknesses, but more about my strengths, which I tended to diminish.”

Audrey Provost, Eng.
Project Manager, Major Projects

“The various meetings with the women in the challenge have allowed me to understand that we are not the only ones asking ourselves the same questions and facing the same issues. Effect A allowed me to leave my comfort zone and find a balance in the different spheres of my life without giving up my professional aspirations.”

Carolane Brière, Eng.
Project Manager – Urban Infrastructure

“The 100-Day Challenge allowed me to leave my comfort zone and to get the best out of myself to achieve my ambitions. It’s a journey filled with enriching discussions and exciting encounters that aim to develop our personal and professional skills such as self-confidence, risk-taking, negotiation and the ability to influence.”

Alaa Hasbani, Eng, D.E.S.S.
Project Manager – Infrastructure – Construction

Guidance from inspirational leaders

Participants were able to hear testimonials and receive valuable advice from inspiring leaders such as Annick Guérard, President and CEO of Transat, Sophie Brochu, President and CEO of Hydro-Québec, Martin Imbleau, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority, Stéphanie Trudeau, Executive Vice President of Quebec for Energir and many others.

 It was a great first experience that yielded good results for the participants.