Field Perspective Episode 2

The Candiac TOD de la gare Project

This is the second episode of our Field Perspective series in which we present video clips that demonstrate the richness and diversity of our projects. Our film crew has once again captured some magnificent images, and this time it is about the Candiac TOD de la gare project, which aims to create a living environment based on sustainable mobility.

A TOD is a real estate development built around a major public transit access point.  The station TOD is one of the few innovative projects selected by the Montreal Metropolitan Community to apply the principles of sustainable development. The new neighbourhood built around the Candiac train station includes four new streets for a total of 2.3 km.  FNX-INNOV’s surveying and infrastructure teams were involved in several stages of the project, which benefited greatly from our multidisciplinary expertise.

William Charlebois-Lemieux, Assistant Director of the Urban Infrastructure Department, and Marie-Sara Hamel, Vice-President of Operations at Groupe Boda, explain in more detail what this project is all about.