Field Perspective Episode 3:

Our expertise in contemporary real estate projects.

This is the third episode of our “Field Perspective” series in which we unveil video clips that illustrate the diversity and innovation of our projects. For this episode, our filming team travelled to Quebec City to show you images of the 800 Charest Est and Liénard projects, two projects that demonstrate our great wealth of expertise in contemporary real estate projects.

The Liénard project offers a dynamic living environment on the Université Laval campus, with its 300 housing units, 6 floors and 2 underground levels. The 800 Charest Est project represents a mixed-use development in the heart of downtown Quebec City. FNX-INNOV’s teams were involved in several stages of the projects, such as preliminary studies, geotechnical studies, quality control of materials, infrared thermography expertise and monitoring of roofing work.

Alexandre Otis, Regional Director of the Soil and Materials Engineering Department, explains in more detail what this involves.