Field Perspective Episode 4:

La Plage de l’Est, Reappropriating the River by Protecting and Rehabilitating the Shoreline

Here is the 4th episode of our “Field Perspective” series in which we unveil video clips that illustrate the diversity and innovation of our projects. For this episode, our film crew went to Pointe-aux-Trembles to show you images of Plage de l’Est, a design project whose objective was to provide public access to the banks of the St. Lawrence River while protecting and rehabilitating the shoreline.

Plage de l’Est is a place for recreational activities that gives citizens privileged access to the banks of the St. Lawrence River. The creation of a promenade with integrated water games and the construction of a pier have given a new life to this former marina. In this mandate, our teams carried out the hydraulic study, the design of the infrastructures and the accompaniment of the client and the architects in the development of the project. Chantal Morasse, project director in the project management department at FNX-INNOV, and Dominique Baril, landscape architect at the City of Montreal, explain in more detail what this project is all about.