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Field Perspective Episode 6:

Field Perspective episode 6: Traffic study in downtown Saint-Hyacinthe: for a development vision consistent with citizens’ needs

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This is the 6th episode of our “Field Perspective” series in which we unveil video clips that illustrate the diversity and innovation of our projects. For this episode, our film crew travelled to Saint-Hyacinthe to show footage from our traffic study in downtown Saint-Hyacinthe, which was designed to help the City create a vision for urban development that is consistent with the real needs of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

As is the case in many municipalities, downtown St. Hyacinthe is subject to automobile congestion and parking issues. The traffic study included a traffic flow analysis, a parking study, an assessment of future mobility needs and the development of active transportation modes, with the goal of presenting solutions and recommendations to the City. Our teams conducted drone parking surveys, camera traffic counts, and traffic and parking dynamics analyses, among other things. Amir Amini, transportation analyst in the Department of Transportation and Intelligent Mobility explains in more detail what this is all about, with images from our drone pilot, Steve Simard, survey technician at FNX-INNOV.