FNX-INNOV brings a modern vision to the mount Foster development plan

FNX-INNOV brings a modern vision to the mount Foster development plan

On June 29, the Appalachian Corridor organization announced its acquisition of most of Mount Foster for the purpose of establishing a protected area. As part of this project, the FNX-INNOV Urban Planning Team assisted the owner of Mount Foster in establishing a development plan acceptable to both the local community and Appalachian Corridor.

In recent years, Mount Foster has been the subject of a lively debate among various stakeholders who are committed to the protection of this peaceful mountain in the Eastern Townships. Initially, the owner of the land wanted to develop a large portion of the mountain for residential real estate, which angered part of the population of West Bolton and Saint-Etienne-de-Bolton and was supported by the environmental organization Appalachian Corridor. Newly on the file, on behalf of the owner, FNX-INNOV contributed to the concerted efforts between the developers, the citizens and Appalachian Corridor, in order to reach a compromise acceptable to all.

This compromise represents the construction of 24 new residences on the Mount Foster territory in exchange for the sale of 80 percent of the land to Appalachian Corridor. The specialized conservation organization now owns this area thanks to a financial package supported by the local population and the various levels of government. This agreement will make it possible to develop the territory in an optimal manner in terms of real estate and ecology. The protection of this natural environment in perpetuity will allow future generations to enjoy this exceptional natural environment. With the conclusion of the project, the most sensitive species and ecosystems will be permanently protected.

A modern and eco-responsible development plan

The intervention of our experts contributed to this successful outcome, allowing the landowner to propose an avant-garde land development solution for the portion that will be developed for real estate projects, all in harmony with the local ecology. Our team produced a new development plan, inspired by the principles of “Growing Greener”, a major ecological development planning movement in the eastern United States and New England.

Our efforts enabled our client to sell 215 hectares of land with high ecological value at fair market value, in addition to obtaining a certificate of authorization from the government (MELCC) to finalize the development of the streets. Our environment team supported the urban planning team in the realization of this mandate.

This nature conservation project is in addition to the two other projects completed by FNX-INNOV in the last two years in the Bromont sector, which allowed the city to expand the Domaine Naturel du Lac Gale by more than 117 hectares following the planning of two “Growing Greener” real estate developments. In these other cases, the projects were also carried out in collaboration with local conservation organizations.

With its multidisciplinary expertise and modern vision of development, FNX-INNOV has once again succeeded in meeting the client’s objectives while respecting the needs of future generations!