FNX-INNOV Lunch and Learn at the Polytechnique

Nos projets sur des sites éloignés sont souvent sources de motivation pour nos employés
FNX-INNOV Lunch and Learn at the Polytechnique

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As part of our partnership for the Polytechnique’s Career Day – Civil, we were invited to present a Lunch and Learn to the students of the faculty last February 14, in order to allow them to discover FNX-INNOV through testimonials from our employees.

Pascale Dion-Descelles, Mohamed Boussetta and Sébastien Legault-Lavallée, three former students of the Polytechnique, went to meet the students. After a brief presentation of FNX-INNOV, they took turns to describe their academic background, their various internships and their professional experience to date. They also talked about some of the exciting projects they had the chance to participate in, sharing the different challenges they faced as well as the small and big victories they were proud of. And finally, much to the students’ delight, they offered some good advice on how to successfully integrate into the professional world.

The students were truly impressed by the accomplishments of our experts, and they in turn realized how proud they were of their career path at FNX-INNOV!