FNX-INNOV: Together to build a healthy future

“An exciting, challenging and phenomenal experience” were the words used by the FNX-INNOV team to describe their participation at the 29th Annual WWF CN Tower Climb for Nature.

On April 13, eleven FNX-INNOV employees were at the bottom of the 1776 steps of the CN Tower, motivated and energetic to take up the challenge along with more than 8,000 other participants. The money raised is donated to the World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF) to preserve the habitat of hundreds of species and make ground-breaking progress towards habitat sustainability.

“Climbing the CN Tower for Nature is an incredible challenge that allows us to surpass ourselves by beating our personal records and helping to build a healthy future for animals and their habitats, right here in Canada and around the world.” 
Mohan Perera, Director – Engineering and Operations.

Congratulations to FNX-INNOV team of amazing climbers!