FNX-INNOV’s digital revolution recognized by Autodesk

FNX-INNOV’s digital revolution recognized by Autodesk

FNX-INNOV was acknowledged by Autodesk as one of the firms, in 2020, that is leveraging cloud solutions to improve collaboration and project management capabilities to optimize productivity. Take a peek into the heart of this digital transformation with the new range of cloud solutions.
Real-time project monitoring is becoming more and more established in our various departments and is leading to a small revolution in working methods. Several of our teams have tested different innovative solutions in 2020 to evolve our best practices for monitoring and in general on construction sites. A good example was the evolution that took place within the Infrastructure teams in Laval, Longueuil and Montreal. The engineers and site technicians adopted PlanGrid, a field collaboration software that drives project reviews and productivity, and is part of the Autodesk Construction Cloud suite of construction management solutions. The FNX-INNOV team was not only a user, but also a partner with the Autodesk team for deploying and positioning the tool.

Site surveillance in the age of the cloud

Gone (or almost gone!) are the days when project collaborators exchanged paper plans or reports, technical data or photos by mail. Today, even the use of e-mail or Excel spreadsheets is sometimes out of step with modern project management tools. It is with this in mind that our teams are experimenting with cloud software such as PlanGrid, which provides a real-time overview of project progress. The tool allows us to have the latest versions of plans in one click and opens up new perspectives for mandates in Design-Build or EPC mode, since PlanGrid users are never subject to seeing outdated versions.

Our colleagues on the road and urban infrastructure teams in Montreal and Laval are the pioneers who adopted PlanGrid and accelerated FNX-INNOV’s transition to cloud computing in the year 2020. While there are many new technologies in the construction industry, PlanGrid’s practicality and flexibility were the main reasons that we implemented it for our larger scale projects. PlanGrid makes it easy to gather and share project information and saves considerable time. It is also available on various devices including laptops, cell phones and tablets.

“The PlanGrid cloud computing tool allows us to share information on the job site in real time between the site team and our managers, ensuring a direct link with our clients, in addition to shortening the response time for authorizations and reducing lost time for contractors. This not only improves the quality of the work with good decisions made on time, but also reduces the cost of the work by cutting down on time-wasting endorsements”


Stéphane Lachapelle, Vice President of Services – Road Infrastructure and Construction

“Whether it is to make all project documents available in the field, annotate plans, complete daily reports directly from the construction site using a smartphone or track deficiencies in real time during inspections, software like PlanGrid saves time and avoids delays in project follow-up.”

Louis Charette, Assistant Department Manager – Urban Infrastructure

High deployment potential for different services

So far, PlanGrid has proved successful in several branches of the company. For example, it has has been so popular with colleagues that about 100 licenses have been purchased, leading Autodesk to identify FNX-INNOV as an early adopter in its communications to the general public. FNX-INNOV is one of six companies around the world highlighted in Autodesk’s recent announcement, transforming building processes with the adoption of innovative cloud technology.

Already well known with its AutoCAD, Civil3D, Revit, BIM 360 and PlanGrid software, Autodesk enables a wide range of infrastructure construction disciplines to provide increasingly accurate services with cloud computing capabilities. As a result, the urban infrastructure, building, bridges and structures, and site surveillance sectors are well on their way to adopting these technologies. At FNX-INNOV, these developments in our technology suite enable us to deliver more innovative integrated solutions to clients.

Congratulations to our teams for their ability to constantly innovate and adapt, which will certainly promote a sustainable evolution of our work methods and a continuous improvement of our ability to serve our most demanding clients.