Accueil 5 Expertise 5 New bike lanes on avenue Christophe-Colomb designed by FNX-INNOV


New bike lanes on avenue Christophe-Colomb designed by FNX-INNOV

pistes cyclables
pistes cyclables

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As part of its Vision vélo 2023-2027 plan, the Ville de Montréal commissioned our team of specialists in Transportation and Intelligent Mobility to design plans for new bike lanes on Christophe-Colomb Avenue. The new bike path is now ready for use, and residents are delighted with it.

The project involved the construction of new unidirectional bike lanes on avenue Christophe-Colomb, stretching from boulevard Gouin to boulevard Rosemont, linking 4 Montreal boroughs over a distance of some 7 kilometers. The aim of this initiative was to provide safer, more sustainable travel by foot, bike, bus or car.

Our team played a key role in the realization of this project. The services provided included the design of the marking and signage plan, the drafting of the technical traffic note, as well as the creation of the programming and traffic light plans for the avenue’s various intersections.

Today, the development of these new bike paths on avenue Christophe-Colomb represents a real bridge between neighborhoods, improving the city’s connectivity and promoting active urban living. We can be proud of this joint effort between the Ville de Montréal and FNX-INNOV, which contributes to initiatives for more sustainable urban mobility, enhancing the safety and quality of life of its citizens.