Accueil 5 Expertise 5 Our Building Sciences team wins Olympic Stadium mast roof refurbishment project


Our Building Sciences team wins Olympic Stadium mast roof refurbishment project 

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For the next few weeks, our building science experts will be perched at 165 meters to carry out their roof inspection and monitoring tasks. Parc Olympique has chosen FNX-INNOV to ensure quality control of the work in progress as part of the refurbishment of the roof of the Olympic Stadium’s emblematic mast.

The stadium’s mast, known as the Montreal Tower, rises to an impressive height of 165 metres, with an angle of inclination of 45 degrees, making it the tallest inclined tower in the world. This landmark is widely mentioned in Montreal travel guides, including the prestigious Michelin Guide.

An ambitious renovation project

An ambitious renovation project is underway at the Olympic Park to transform the Tower’s tourist spaces and offer visitors a new experience – a first in Quebec. The Welcome Hall at the base of the Tower, as well as the tourist floors at the top, will undergo a complete renovation. The work will also include the installation of access to the Tower’s roof from the observatory, and the replacement of the original funicular with modern equipment offering an all-glass view. The new Tower is scheduled to reopen in autumn 2025, offering a renewed and captivating tourist experience.

A mandate requiring special technical knowledge

For FNX-INNOV, this project is directly in line with our corporate philosophy of offering optimized solutions to increase the useful life of facilities. Our building envelope mandate includes preliminary inspection of the support, monitoring of roofing work and relevant testing, coordination with stakeholders and reporting.

Our participation in the renovation of the tourist areas of the Tour de Montréal is a fine recognition of the competence of our Building Sciences experts.