Our drones and 3D scanner devices at the heart of new realities

Our drones and 3D scanner devices at the heart of new realities

Following indications from CNESST concerning new preventive measures to be put in place to protect workers’ health, FNX-INNOV has decided to improve our methods of surveying and site surveys in order not only to protect our employees and the population, but also to ensure optimal quality of the services offered.

For more than a year now, our survey team has been offering an exceptional service of surveys and inspections using drones. Indeed, thanks to our drone pilots certified by Transport Canada to perform advanced operations, we are able to perform several activities that are essential for the realization of multiple projects.

For example, in order to comply with the distancing measures imposed by CNESST, our team of experts proposes to replace pod inspections with high-resolution drone surveys, especially where hammer surveys are not required. This will then avoid having two people in the pods where a distance of 2 meters would be more difficult or even almost impossible.

In addition, in order to allow a maximum number of drone survey mandates, in the safest possible way and according to the requirements, FNX-INNOV has decided to equip its drones with automatic parachutes that comply with the ASTM F3322 standard. Thus, our team of experts now has the ability to carry out all surveys over sidewalks and public spaces. These parachutes, specially designed for drones, provide maximum safety for all users, both the general public and workers. Thanks to this new device, our specialists can therefore offer even more services while respecting the required distance and hygiene measures, in addition to avoiding closures or reductions in the width of sidewalks, bicycle paths and footpaths.

In the same vein, our specialists are able to carry out structural surveys using 3D scanner devices, such as bridges, viaducts, buildings, etc., rather than having to perform crack surveys manually, where again it would be difficult for the inspector and the boom operator to maintain the two-metre spacing. Another advantage is the possibility of having digital support for imaging and precision surveys so that they can be compared when monitoring the evolution of deterioration over time.

FNX-INNOV once again demonstrates its ability to adapt and innovate in order to meet the needs of our clients, regardless of the complexity and scope of projects and the requirements of today’s society.