Our expertise in rock mechanics for integrated rock slope stabilization services

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Notre expertise en mécanique des roches pour des services intégrés de stabilisation de parois rocheuses

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Did you know that our geotechnical engineering team offers rock slope stabilization services? Whether it is to reduce or eliminate the risks of rock movements or following boulder falls, we offer integrated services, from stability analysis to work supervision.

Geotechnical engineers are increasingly called upon to intervene on sites where boulder falls pose a risk to public safety. Indeed, experts note that there is a greater focus and understanding of geohazards today. The demand for rock mechanics expertise in Quebec is therefore increasing.

In order to prevent boulder falls, it is possible to assess the risk before a critical movement occurs in the rock. FNX-INNOV’s geotechnical engineering department uses very efficient techniques and tools to analyze the stability of a rock mass. 2D and 3D modeling software allows the optimization of stabilization solutions and the realization of specific works adapted to each project. FNX-INNOV’s surveying department, also involved in this type of project, contributes to the initial technical surveys using photogrammetric and 3D laser scan surveys.

Thanks to this expertise, the importance of planning rock stabilization in advance is emphasized in all our projects that include excavation and cutting in the rock. This allows us to include, from the very first phases of the project, the right way to proceed, and thus, to avoid having to return to a site to make corrections after the work is completed. Ultimately, a forward-looking and integrated approach reduces future costs and future risks created by potential instability.

Specialized services in rock mechanics

  • Tunnels and rock slopes – Stability analysis, characterization and classification studies
  • Rock slope consolidation – Bolts, mesh and shotcrete
  • 2D and 3D modeling – Numerical and analytical analysis methods

A turnkey rock stabilization project for a Sherbrooke business

It is known that in regions with a rock formation near the surface, as is the case for the Sherbrooke region, boulder falls from a rock wall can occur more regularly. This is exactly what happened on July 4, 2020, when a boulder fall occurred on a 130 m long wall that extends to a height of about 10 m. The boulders reached an empty parking area of a business near the city center. Following the request of the Ministry of Public Security, our geotechnical engineering team performed the technical opinion recommending the stabilization of the wall, and was then mandated to perform the stabilization project, including monitoring.

This project is a good example of the complete range of services offered by our engineers. Indeed, the mandate was carried out from start to finish by our teams and included the following professional services for the three stages of the project:

1. Surveys and preliminary design

Survey with 3D laser scan of the wall;
Geo-structural survey of the wall;
Rock wall stability analyses.

2. Detailed engineering, plans and specifications

Preparation of plans and technical specifications for the stabilization of the wall;
Cost estimates;
Assistance during the tender process.

 3. Supervision of the work

Supervision of mechanical and manual scaling;
Repositioning of anchors according to the constraints and conditions of the site;
Quality control during all stages of the work;
Assistance to the drilling subcontracting team.

Do not hesitate to contact the members of the Geotechnical Engineering team, to learn more about their specialized services in rock mechanics and the possibilities of integrating their expertise in your projects for better public safety.