Accueil 5 Expertise 5 Our geotechnical department contributes to a project for more clean electricity in Quebec


Our geotechnical department contributes to a project for more clean electricity in Quebec

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FNX-INNOV’s team of geotechnical specialists was commissioned to carry out the geotechnical investigation for a wind power project in the the Lower St. Lawrence region. The clean electricity generated by these wind turbines will contribute to Hydro-Québec’s efforts to achieve its carbon neutrality target.

In its action plan “Towards a Decarbonized and Prosperous Québec 2035”, Hydro-Québec plans to triple wind power capacity to meet power requirements of between 1,500 and 1,700 MW. These additions will represent more than $30 billion in private and public investment, and will have a significant economic impact throughout Quebec, creating jobs and diversifying sources of income in the regions concerned.

A project that will benefit the hosting community

The Pohénégamook–Picard–Saint-Antonin–Wolastokuk (PPAW) wind power project for which we have been commissioned will generate nearly 350 MW of wind-generated electricity from wind turbines with towers up to 110 meters high. Developed by Invenergy, a private-held leading company in renewable energy, the project is also built through a solid equity partnership with local municipalities and a First Nation community. Not only will it generate royalties, but half of wind farm revenues will be redistributed to the MRCs and municipalities, contributing to their development according to their own priorities.

Engineering services offered under this mandate include: 

  • Identifying geological hazards and risks at the project site, and characterizing subsurface conditions at the project site;
  • Providing site-specific soil conditions and design parameters relevant to the design of foundations, roads, electrical installations and crane pads;
  • Fulfill all due diligence requirements necessary to obtain project financing and implement the design.

Drilling in rugged, wooded terrain – a challenge worthy of our teams!

Drilling locations such as the one for the PPAW wind farm project pose enormous logistical challenges, due to the rugged, wooded terrain and the great distance between each site. Winter conditions and the frequent absence of a cellular network add a further layer of complexity. Despite these obstacles, our teams successfully take on these demanding missions, demonstrating their expertise in dealing with difficult environmental conditions.

We’re delighted to contribute to this project, which will make a welcome addition to Hydro-Québec’s wind generation capacity, while providing the municipalities involved with a new source of stable revenue.