Accueil 5 Expertise 5 Our Infrastructure teams win major contracts for several large-scale projects with the City of Montreal


Our Infrastructure teams win major contracts for several large-scale projects with the City of Montreal

Ville de Montréal
Ville de Montréal

There’s good news from our Infrastructure, Transportation and Sustainable Mobility Vice-Presidency, which has just won two major framework contracts to provide studies, design and construction supervision services for various important urban infrastructure projects on the territory of the City of Montreal.

Ces contrats-cadres ont pour objectif d’accompagner la Ville de Montréal pour des services en ingénierie et en aménagement urbain afin de réaliser des projets d’envergure qui mettront en valeur les infrastructures urbaines tout en rehaussant l’attractivité de la Ville et en optimisant les transports. Impliquant nos équipes pour les 3 prochaines années, ce mandat vient consolider notre positionnement à titre de partenaire de choix pour la Ville de Montréal.

Recognized for our ability to integrate multidisciplinary urban projects, we will offer our expertise in the following fields:

  • Data acquisition and topographic surveys;
  • Underground sewer and drinking water networks;
  • Surface water drainage;
  • Road infrastructure and public space development;
  • Road lighting, traffic lights, traffic signals and telecommunications;
  • Traffic, mobility and maintenance of traffic flow during construction work;
  • Landscape architecture and urban design;
  • Geotechnics and environmental soil management;
  • Liaison officers.

Civiliti, a firm specializing in urban landscaping, will support our teams in planning the occupation of public spaces, and will be responsible for surface landscaping.

This new mandate is the fruit of many past collaborations, during which we have demonstrated to the Ville de Montréal our cutting-edge skills, our ability to participate actively in numerous simultaneous projects and, above all, our aptitude for teamwork.

Congratulations to our teams on these two framework contracts. Once again, we have distinguished ourselves by meeting this customer’s high quality standards!