Our prevention efforts recognized
by Info Excavation

FNX-INNOV’s digital revolution recognized by Autodesk

FNX-INNOV is proud to have received the “Engineering Firm” award from Info Excavation’s 2020 Recognition Program for our underground infrastructure damage prevention initiatives. This is a great recognition that goes hand in hand with our commitment to quality, safety and sustainable development.
On March 24, 2021, the annual general meeting of Info-Excavation was held. Info-Excavation is an organization whose mandate is to govern information about underground infrastructures in the province of Quebec. The annual event also serves to highlight the exceptional work of certain actors in the construction industry for their commitment to damage prevention. For the year 2020, FNX-INNOV has been nominated in the “Engineering Firm” category, recognizing all the work done by our teams to ensure the quality and protection of the installations, as well as the safety of workers and the public.

The importance of our actions

FNX-INNOV is a very diversified company that relies daily on Info-Excavation’s expertise in the complete cycle of its activities, being in direct link with our vision of having a corporate footprint oriented towards sustainable development while ensuring a safe environment for our employees and the communities in which we operate.
A large portion of our activities are related to the production of plans and specifications for municipal services, streets, roads or highways and we have made it our corporate mission to not only use the information available to indicate underground services on the plans, but to design by proactively coordinating existing elements to minimize the risk of damage.

The goal is to be in discussion mode upstream rather than being in a reactionary situation at the construction site when it is unfortunately much too late. This collaborative approach was taken by our teams nearly 5 years ago with Info-Excavation and utility companies in general in order to include the protection of underground installations at the very heart of our high quality and engineering standards.

Learn more about our significant role in damage prevention by watching the following report produced by