Accueil 5 Expertise 5 Our Urban Planning team participates in the new Saint-Constant Pavillon jeunesse project


Our Urban Planning team participates in the new Saint-Constant Pavillon jeunesse project

The new Saint-Constant Pavillon jeunesse is now ready to welcome the city’s youth who will be able to enjoy a place adapted to their interests. Our Urban Planning team was mandated by the contractor for this design-build project, for the design of the plans and specifications and the supervision of the work.

On March 9th, the Saint-Constant Pavillon jeunesse was inaugurated. The goal of the new facilities is to provide a safe environment for young people, where they can develop and build their identity. The design of the Pavilion includes common areas that promote socialization and closed rooms that facilitate interventions between the youth and the workers in complete confidentiality. There is also an outdoor terrace overlooking the future skatepark site and the soccer and basketball fields. In addition, the premises are adapted to offer fun and formative activities such as cooking lessons, homework help, discussion forums and indoor and outdoor sports.

An efficient mandate thanks to the design-build mode

Our urban planning team was mandated to carry out the civil engineering for the project. The role of our specialists was to carry out, among other things

        • The preparatory study;
        • The preliminary plans;
        • The production of plans and estimates;
        • The supervision of the civil works;
        • The inspection at the end of the work;
        • The issuance of the certificate of compliance.

The City of Saint-Constant has chosen to carry out this project in design-build mode. This is a method of carrying out a project that involves combining the design and construction into a single contract. The contractor is therefore responsible for the project from design to construction. This mode of realization has several advantages and our project manager Jade Bossé Bélanger can testify to this:

“Thanks to the design-build mode, the project stages from design to construction were done quickly, easily and with few riders. There were no lengthy negotiations with the contractor, as we see in some regular projects. The contractor was motivated to meet the city’s expectations throughout the project. “


Jade Bossé Bélanger, Eng.
Infrastructure Department Manager – Urban Planning

The Pavillon jeunesse is a success on all fronts and we are proud to have contributed to this place that offers young people a perfect place to develop in a healthy way.