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Field Perspective Episode 10:

Beauharnois Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

This is the 10th episode of our Field Perspective series, in which we unveil video capsules that illustrate the diversity and innovation of our projects. For this episode, our film crew travelled to Beauharnois to show you images from the Beauharnois wastewater treatment plant upgrade project, for which we provided an original and innovative solution.

The upgrade project was carried out in line with the population growth forecasts for the city of Beauharnois, and to correct certain operational shortcomings in the existing equipment. To carry out the mandate issued by the city, our teams used dynamic modeling to simulate the options under consideration and compare their performance. The original and innovative solution we came up with resulted in more efficient wastewater treatment, which greatly satisfied the client. Vincent Gosselin, our Service Manager – Supervision, Water Treatment departement, and Mamadou-Bailo Diallo, Director of Water Management at the City of Beauharnois, explain in greater detail what it’s all about, with beautiful images from our drone pilot, Andrei Paul Petrescu, survey technician at FNX-INNOV.