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Field Perspective Episode 7

The New Urban Development of Montée Saint-Régis

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Here is the 7th episode of our ” Field Perspective ” series in which we unveil video clips that illustrate the diversity and innovation of our projects. For this episode, our filming team went to Saint-Constant to show you images of the new urban development of Montée Saint-Régis, a real estate development project for which we offered a multidisciplinary engineering service that met the specific needs of the various developers.

The project took place over a period of ten years and allowed for the creation of a dynamic and renewed neighbourhood in this sector of the southwestern part of the city of Saint-Constant. Our services included initial ecological inventory studies, environmental characterization studies, geotechnical studies, topographic surveys, real estate and urban planning, and landscape architecture. We were able to provide effective coordination between the various disciplines and services offered on a customized basis for a multitude of clients. Nicolas Rousseau, Vice President of Business Development, explains in more detail what this is all about, with the help of our drone pilot, Carl Blanchet, Project Manager in Surveying.