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Interconnected communities

At FNX-INNOV, our mission is to overcome barriers and the technical challenges we face to provide communities with quality infrastructures that foster communication and exchanges. We believe that engineering that serves people can expand opportunities for discussion with one another, to understand each other, and progress by overcoming the constraints of the lands. Our world is constantly evolving, which makes things challenging but also provides opportunities to improve these exchanges.

Our world is constantly evolving, which makes things challenging but also provides opportunities to improve these exchanges.

We believe that it is now possible to connect communities more efficiently and sustainably. This is why we give our clients the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technological advances for the design, development and maintenance of sustainable solutions for the needs of the communities.

Our field of activity

As such, we developed extensive expertise in the design, development and maintenance of high-quality transport infrastructures. Our numerous bridge, structural, road system and smart mobility projects integrate the best industry practices to provide permanent and sustainable infrastructures. Some of our signature projects such as bridges and interchanges do indeed integrate all the structural and technological elements that allow our solutions to shine in the long term. Our public transit and transport electrification projects demonstrate our involvement in the advancement of alternate means of travel and the improvement of air quality.

At FNX-INNOV, we believe that societies are developed through interconnected communities.

Our expertise in energy transmission and distribution also provides personalized solutions to large public and private sector owners. More specifically, we developed know-how in the sector of renewable energy such as hydroelectricity, wind power, solar and geothermal. We namely provide design, development and maintenance services for electricity transmission and distribution plants, network analysis, maintenance and management services and rural electrification services.
Our turnkey services in the telecommunications sector are also known for their reliability and performance. We offer complete solutions for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and institutional utility services in terms of wired and wireless networks, automation and control (telemetry, SCADA) and leading-edge security systems.

Our services