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Sustainable development of the land

At FNX-INNOV, we believe that the environment is a common good that must be protected and used responsibly. This is why we plan the use of the land from a sustainable development standpoint that takes into account the challenges and opportunities of today’s world.

Technological and climatic changes push societies to re-evaluate their traditional practices to adapt to economic and environmental needs, in addition to ensuring the social acceptability of projects. Our strategy thus lies on a number of observations that seek to meet current needs while ensuring the sustainability of the natural resources and lands affected by our interventions.

Our field of activity

Over the years, we developed extensive expertise in collaboration with public and private natural resource and environmental sector owners. Our multidisciplinary teams offer turnkey support throughout the projects. We offer a number of solutions related to some of the industry’s most significant needs: studies, design and maintenance of infrastructures, mining reclamation, environmental assessment and social acceptability, geotechnics and earth sciences, eco-engineering and water/wastewater management, environmental monitoring and follow-up, etc.

Our solutions foster optimal and responsible use of resources consistent with the needs of modern society.

As such, we have been mandated to manage major projects in the renewable energy sector. Our experts have been able to provide solutions throughout the electricity production and distribution steps in Canada and abroad. We have also developed related resource conservation services, namely with the rehabilitation of disturbed or contaminated mining sites that require a spectrum of engineering, geotechnical and environmental expertise. Moreover, we practice sound leadership by supporting our clients and partners in complying with the environmental standards in effect in the areas affected by our projects. We can count on a vast portfolio of natural resource interventions that demonstrate our know-how and desire to promote sustainable development and preservation of the environment.

Our services