Accueil 5 Expertise 5 Prequalification for NL Hydro won by our Sept-Îles and Labrador teams


Prequalification for NL Hydro won by our Sept-Îles and Labrador teams

Une préqualification prisée chez NL Hydro gagnée par nos équipes de Sept-Îles et du Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (NL Hydro) granted our Sept-Îles and Labrador teams preferred firm status as suppliers of engineering and project management services for a term of up to 3 to 5 years. With our proximity to our clients, we stood out and were one of only 4 firms selected from among 24 bidders.

NL Hydro is an energy company that generates electricity to meet the needs of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Its teams operate 13 hydroelectric power plants, one oil-fired power plant, four gas/combustion turbines and 23 isolated diesel power plants.

Thanks to our preferred firm status, our experts will have the opportunity to demonstrate their professionalism and rigor in future NL Hydro projects, whatever their size, duration or cost. The engineering and project management services offered will cover a wide range of disciplines to support the achievement of this new customer’s objectives, who may also call on our other departments thanks to our diversified range of services. Our teams’ varied skills in energy services, project development and management, as well as engineering and construction services, provide a rich palette of expertise for NL Hydro projects.

Our proximity to our clients ensures our pre-qualification

The strength of our Sept-Îles and Labrador offices, under the direction of Maxime Lévesque, lies in offering local engineering with a human touch that brings us close to our clients. It is this distinctive characteristic that enabled us to win this prequalification, which gives concrete expression to the development vision that led to the opening of our first office in Labrador in 2021. The Sept-Îles and Labrador region offers great development potential, and this success marks a key step in FNX-INNOV’s strategic positioning in the region.

Congratulations to the Sept-Îles and Labrador offices for setting themselves apart from other engineering firms in an exemplary fashion.