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Carré Saint-Laurent

Urban revitalization of a historic cultural sector

The Carré Saint-Laurent, located at the corner of Saint-Laurent and Sainte-Catherine streets in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles, is a 25,000 square metre real estate complex. It houses a variety of businesses and institutions, including the Ministère de l’Immigration, the Mémoire des Montréalais (MEM) museum and the Central, a unique gastronomic space bringing together a variety of Montreal’s independent restaurateurs. This building embodies a successful example of urban revitalization in the 21st century, breathing new life into an area that had been neglected.

During this mandate, our teams were involved in the design of the engineering plans, supervision, commissioning and monitoring of the building’s operation. We also assisted the client in obtaining LEED certification, and provided fit-out services for the museum’s installation. The design was carried out using REVIT software, with a 3D model shared by all project professionals. The project’s objective was to install energy-efficient systems that were easy to maintain, matched the building’s aesthetic appeal and generated construction costs equivalent to or lower than those of traditional systems. To reduce the building’s energy bill, FNX-INNOV’s experts developed a strategy for optimizing the mechanical-electrical infrastructure, creating synergy between the various commercial and business spaces.




Sectors of activity

  • Mechanical (plumbing, heating systems, ventilation, automatic control)
  • Electrical engineering
  • Energy efficiency