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Des Pins Avenue Redevelopment

An avenue adapted to active modes of transport and climate realities

Des Pins Avenue is of historic and cultural importance to the city of Montreal. It is home to iconic buildings, historic residences and remarkable parks. With the underground infrastructure of des Pins Avenue nearing the end of its useful life, the City took the opportunity to reimagine the street to provide safe, user-friendly corridors for pedestrians and cyclists, and to put in place the conditions for increased greening.

The City commissioned our teams to provide professional services in urban and municipal infrastructure, landscape architecture and urban planning. The redeveloped section, between Saint-Denis Street and du Parc Avenue, underwent a complete metamorphosis. The redevelopment involved the addition of 150 trees, widened and absorbent sidewalks, raised pedestrian crossings, one-way bicycle paths, and green spaces at intersections. A major element in this project is the innovative use of rooting cells under the asphalt, providing more space for tree roots. Eventually, these trees will become imposing, completely transforming the avenue.

This project is a good model of sustainable planning, adapting the city to climatic realities, and part of an approach aimed at increasing road safety, promoting active modes of transport and reducing heat islands.




Sectors of activity

  • Urban infrastructures (street and ambient lighting, utilities and RTU systems, hydraulics, retention and drainage, drinking water and sanitation network)
  • Road infrastructure (road geometry)
  • Surveying and data acquisition
  • Traffic engineering
  • Work zone impacts management
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Environmental characterization
  • Supervision of the works

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