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Highway 10 and Route 139 Redevelopment

A redevelopment for a safe and fluid traffic flow

The area around Highway 10 and Route 139 in Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby sees more than 50,000 cars on the road every day. During peak summer periods, traffic heading for Granby Zoo became so heavy that it could stretch for several kilometers on Route 139, causing backups all the way to Highway 10.

The mandate included the supervision of work over a total length of 7.7 km, including the supervision of the redevelopment of the Route 139 and Highway 10 interchange ramps, as well as the relocation of Rue des Érables, the redevelopment of three intersections, lighting, traffic lights and supersignage.

Traffic management was the main constraint to manage during the works, with some 40,000 vehicles per day circulating within the site limits on Highway 10 and 11,000 vehicles per day on Route 139. Our experts were therefore extremely meticulous in approving and correcting the signage presented by the contractor, to ensure that user traffic flowed as smoothly and safely as possible.




Sectors of activity

  • Road infrastructure
  • Underground lighting and traffic lights
  • Supersignage