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Mont Foster Development Plan

A modern, eco-responsible development plan


For several years, Mont Foster has been the subject of lively debate between the various players involved in its development and preservation in the Eastern Townships. Initially, the landowner was planning a vast real estate project on the mountain, provoking opposition from part of the local population, supported by the Corridor Appalachien conservation organization. Following these tensions, the municipality launched a consultation process, bringing together developers, citizens and organizations, leading to a consensual compromise.

The intervention of our specialists played a decisive role in this harmonious resolution, fostering the emergence of an innovative land-use planning solution. Our Urban Planning team, in collaboration with our Environmental team, designed a new development plan inspired by the principles of “Growing Greener”, a widely recognized ecological development movement. This approach enabled the landowner to sell a significant area to the Corridor Appalachien conservation organization at fair market value, while facilitating the government approvals required to finalize the urban development, notably the certificate of authorization from the provincial government (MELCC).


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Mont Foster

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