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New District L’Adresse sur le Fleuve

Modern neighborhood living in a waterfront setting


L’Adresse sur le fleuve is a waterfront neighborhood offering a unique, modern lifestyle in Trois-Rivières. Home to more than 12 residential and commercial buildings, including three towers rising up to 16 storeys and eight 4- to 6-storey buildings, it is located along the tributaries of the Saint-Maurice and St. Lawrence rivers on a site of more than 2 million square feet.

Our teams of geotechnicians, building specialists and materials control experts provided multidisciplinary services throughout the various stages of the project. Close collaboration between designers and geotechnicians helped optimize the foundations of one of the buildings, demonstrating our spirit of working together to achieve more efficient results. The use of an innovative material control sampling technique also enabled us to complete the project quickly and efficiently. In addition, we provided professional mechanical and electrical services, more specifically plans and specifications, construction drawings and supervision during construction.




Sectors of activity

  • Materials control (cement concrete, bituminous concrete and granular materials)
  • Materials laboratory
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Mechanical (air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing)
  • Electrical (fire alarm, access control)

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