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Youth Pavilion of Saint-Constant

A living environment conducive to the well-being and development of young people


The Youth Pavilion of Saint-Constant offers facilities designed to create a safe environment that fosters the development and construction of young people’s identities. The Pavilion’s structure integrates common spaces encouraging socialization, as well as closed rooms allowing confidential interventions between young people and Pavilion staff. An outdoor terrace overlooks the skatepark and the soccer and basketball fields. In addition, the facilities are adapted to offer a variety of fun and educational activities such as cooking lessons, homework help, discussion forums and indoor and outdoor sports activities.

As part of this design-build project, our urban planning team was mandated by the contractor to carry out the civil engineering, including plans and specifications, construction supervision, inspection and issuance of the certificate of conformity. Thanks to our specialists’ expertise in design-build projects, each stage of the mandate was completed quickly and easily. Today, the Youth Pavilion is an ideal place to offer young people the opportunity for healthy development.


Construction RDJ (Design-build project with the City of Saint-Constant)



Sectors of activity

  • Urban infrastructure (hydraulics, retention, drainage systems)
  • Exterior landscaping
  • Supervision of the works

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