Recognized as the first TETRA Integrator
in North America

Recognized as the first TETRA Integrator in North America

In 2009, PowerTrunk, a radiocommunication company, received certification to operate TETRA systems in North America. To mark this anniversary, a first PowerTrunk users group meeting was held recently and honoured our telecommunications team for their pioneering work done through the project with BC Hydro.

This first TETRA meeting took place at the end of October at NJ Transit’s headquarters in Newark, a suburb of New York, and aimed to discuss technical and development issues as well as to recognize the work of the partners. At this event, FNX-INNOV received the distinction of “First TETRA Integrator in North America” in regards to BC Hydro’s contract awarded in 2011.

It should be remembered that TETRA systems are radiocommunication systems that provide reliable and secure communications for various types of applications, including utilities. Our client, BC Hydro, wanted to integrate this type of system to ensure the efficient and safe execution of the work under normal and emergency conditions. The network has been deployed mainly on and around Vancouver Island. BC Hydro wanted to use not only “voice” applications, but also “data” applications such as short data and text messages. This project has been a success and our specialists are still providing support and maintenance services.

Our expertise in TETRA integration has subsequently been recognized on several occasions, most recently during our mandate with the STM since 2017, which will provide complete coverage of the metro, garages and land routes network served by the STM. More than 120 sites will be deployed to complete this coverage.

This recognition by PowerTrunk truly demonstrates our expertise in this technology and the potential for market development both in Canada and across North America. FNX-INNOV would like to thank its team of telecommunication specialists for this significant achievement and all the visibility it brings!