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FNX-INNOV Complexe aquatique de Lévis Lévis Aquatic Complex

Forward-looking solutions that rely on innovation and sustainable building operations.

The building specialists at FNX-INNOV use leading-edge and high-performance concepts to ensure the sustainable operation of buildings in the institutional, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

FNX-INNOV stands out consistently through its application of innovative solutions to all project components, including: structural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, security/management systems, and energy efficiency.

Our team of specialists also delivers all building-related services, including technical audits, building-envelope sealing, roof design and control, indoor air quality, and 3D REVIT surveys.

FNX-INNOV Humanity Humaniti Project, Montreal

FNX-INNOV Centre sportif Dollard-Saint-Laurent, Montréal Aréna - Centre sportif Dollard-Saint-Laurent, Montréal

FNX-INNOV Bibliothèque de l’ETS, Montréal ETS Library, Montreal
In addition, thanks to our specialized repair expertise for parking lots and underground and elevated concrete structures, we are able to recommend solutions that address each of our clients’ specific technical requirements.

Our expertise includes:

  • Mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Structure
  • Energy optimization
  • Building sciences
  • Technical audits
  • Project estimation and management
  • Security needs assessment and systems deployment
  • Telecom network design and implementation
  • Concrete-structure inspection and rehabilitation (parking lots, balconies, and more)
  • Building-management systems

Let’s Redesign the Future Together

With an unwavering focus on solutions and results, we can redefine engineering together without any barriers. Build your career with FNX-INNOV thanks to major projects that meet your aspirations.

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