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Construction and construction management

Alouette Pavilion, Sept-Iles © Optic 360 Ingénierie multidisciplinaire et construction, Pavillon Alouette, Sept-Iles, Canada
Usine de traitements des eaux de surface, Arcelor Mittal, Canada

Complete autonomy for construction projects on a human scale.

Thanks to our subsidiary AXC Construction, we offer a unique know-how and an experienced team to meet any specific needs in construction and engineering-construction, whatever the level of progress of your project. Benefiting from a team of construction specialists combined with FNX-INNOV’s multidisciplinary teams, we are able to offer integrated and complete solutions, providing you with a single point of contact.

Specializing in design-build approaches, we offer an integrated process with convincing results: innovative solutions, optimized design, quality construction, adequacy with needs, accelerated schedules and cost reduction.

Surface Water Treatment Plant, Mont-Wright Usine de traitements des eaux de surface, Mont-Right
Usine de traitements des eaux de surface, Mont-Right

Railway Chemin de fer Arnaud, Sept-Iles Chemin de fer Arnaud

Tailor-made solutions
to reduce your risks

We offer a full range of contractual delivery methods, allowing a tailor-made approach adapted to the client’s needs, from construction management to turnkey projects going as far as operation, maintenance and financing services. Our expertise is recognized in the commercial, institutional, industrial, maritime, energy and mining sectors as well as in the fields of infrastructure and civil engineering, and we possess all the necessary licenses and accreditations for the realization of all construction projects. We are also qualified to practice outside Quebec and Canada.

AXC Construction is a General Contractor with strong in-house design skills that ensures accelerated implementation times and maximum efficiency at the pre-construction stage, where the influence on project cost is most significant and changes are least costly.

Chemin de fer Arnaud

A team vision to meet the needs of our customers

We offer a collaborative team approach focused on a common goal, the project success and full customer satisfaction, which stands out for its non-confrontational and smooth execution. The effective communication resulting from this organization ensures the integration of the builders’ vision into the work of the designers, thus guaranteeing the constructability of the designed work. Furthermore, this synergy between designers and builders provides increased support during construction for rapid problem solving and optimal solutions based on site conditions.

Sturgeon Falls Generating Station, Ontario Sturgeon-falls, Ontario
Sturgeon-falls, Ontario

Sept-Îles Cruise Wharf Quai des Croisieres Sept-Iles-avec-navire
Our full range of services:

    – General contractor and H&S project supervisor
    – Development of integrated solutions
    – Several possible contractual modes (traditional and alternative)
        • Funding
        • Operation and maintenance
        • Integrated engineering
    – Schedule, cost and risk management
    – Pre-construction
    – Procurement
    – Construction
        • Cost Control and Earned
        • Value Measurement
        • Quality control and quality assurance
        • Work supervision, surveying and quantity control
        • Environmental management and monitoring
        • Health and safety prevention and control
        • Change Management