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Drinking water, wastewater and waste management

Wastewater Treatment Plant, Gabal-El-Asfar, Cairo, Egypt Station d’épuration, Gabal-El-Asfar, Caire, Egypte
Station d’épuration, Gabal-El-Asfar, Caire, Egypte

We carry out our projects with a view to sustainable practices that guarantee a superior quality of life for generations to come.

Drinking Water and Wastewater Management

FNX-INNOV has acquired solid experience in the fields of studies, design, construction and monitoring of drinking water supply and distribution systems as well as wastewater collection and treatment. We are able to evaluate your specific needs and suggest the most cost-effective solutions, ranging from economical alternatives to the most advanced technologies.

Our engineering, chemical and microbiology specialists have applied their expertise in the design of the most efficient physicochemical and biological treatment systems for municipal, industrial and agricultural drinking water and wastewater on more than a hundred municipal, industrial and agricultural water and wastewater treatment projects.

Over the past few years, we have developed complementary expertise in the operation of wastewater treatment infrastructures, including the financing of structures to meet the growing needs of the community and industry.

Ghardaïa wastewater treatment plant, Algeria Station d’épuration, Ghardaia, Algérie
Station d’épuration, Ghardaia, Algérie

Salaberry-de-Valleyfield's wastewater treatment plant © infosuroit.com Station d’épuration de la Ville de Salaberry-de-Valleyfield

Our expertise includes:

  • Master Plan of drinking water and effluent
  • Economic and technical studies
  • Network characterization and diagnostic studies
  • Design of distribution and collection networks
  • Design of water and wastewater treatment systems (municipal, industrial and agricultural)
  • Process start-up and plant operation
  • Value Engineering
  • Geo-referenced information system
  • Technical audit of water treatment networks and systems
  • Biosolids Management
  • Turnkey projects

Waste Management

Our expertise in solid waste management is the result of a multitude of projects on several continents. Depending on our client’s needs, we offer services covering the various areas of waste management where we apply ourselves to finding integrated, safe solutions that meet environmental protection requirements.

Our vision of sustainable development has led us to position ourselves as a major player in the development of energy recovery. Our experts work on study and implementation of the most efficient innovative technologies to meet tomorrow’s challenges. These projects include the implementation of waste-to-energy treatment systems for the production of renewable energy (electricity, renewable natural gas, biofuels, etc.) from various organic materials sources.

The FNX-INNOV commitment to innovation also drives us to be active in the development of new generation technological approaches that will allow valorisation and recycling processes optimization. This technological development is done through strategic technological partnerships and by using our research and development resources.

Biomethanization project, Lochmead Farm, Oregon, USA Projet de biométhanisation, Lochmead Farm, Oregon, USA
Projet de biométhanisation, Lochmead Farm, Oregon, USA

Port-Cartier Biofuel Plant Usine de biocarburant, Port-Cartier, Canada

Our expertise includes:

  • Master plan of waste management
  • Inventory and characterization of waste material
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design and construction of management and treatment infrastructures
  • Writing performance specifications
  • Optimization studies
  • Greenhouse gas emissions quantification
  • Air Emissions Modelling
  • Guides and guidelines development
  • Landfill sites design, implementation and rehabilitation
  • Recovery technologies (biomethanization, composting, biofuels, etc.)