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Energy efficiency

Smarter and more energy-efficient buildings! We provide optimal, reliable, and cost-effective energy-efficiency solutions.

FNX-INNOV has the required expertise and technology to provide turnkey energy solutions that reduce buildings’ operating and energy-related costs and their environmental footprint.

Building on 25 years of experience in energy efficiency, FNX-INNOV’s team of specialists delivers the most efficient and cost-effective energy solutions, thereby enabling commercial and residential buildings, hospitals, universities, sports complexes, museums, and data centres to save as much as 40% in energy costs – and, in some cases, even more.

Key performance figures

  • 40 % reduction in energy use
  • 3,8 years for investment payback

FNX-INNOV has developed unique expertise in helping university campuses optimize their energy use and reduce their greenhouse gas production. We carry out energy-efficiency projects on campuses that produce truly outstanding results thanks to our use of their existing water chillers to transfer recovered, recycled or renewable energy from building to building. As a result, FNX-INNOV enables universities to reach or surpass their greenhouse gas reduction targets.

In addition, FNX-INNOV helps its clients to pinpoint their greenhouse gas emission sources, thereby allowing them to plan their greenhouse gas reduction strategies more effectively and benefit from carbon credits.

Let’s Redesign the Future Together

With an unwavering focus on solutions and results, we can redefine engineering together without any barriers. Build your career with FNX-INNOV thanks to major projects that meet your aspirations.

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