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Infrastructure, mobility
and land-use planning

Slide FNX-INNOV Projet Bonaventure Mobility and redevelopment of urban boulevard - Bonaventure Project

Thanks to our experts’ varied and synergistic skill sets, we are able to bring together all the strands that make up projects of all sizes and scope.

FNX-INNOV has made its mark with its multidisciplinary engineering approach in developing urban, road, rail, airport, and harbour infrastructure projects, here and abroad, in accordance with the host communities’ vision and aspirations.

At FNX-INNOV, one of our standout skills is our ability to devise solutions that meet communities’ specific needs by synergistically meshing structural design requirements and project partner constraints. Thanks to the quality and effectiveness of the services provided by our specialists, FNX-INNOV delivers tangible, sustainable, and safe solutions, from infrastructure design to construction to long-term operation.

Slide FNX-INNOV Infrastructures A50 Construction of road projects - Highway 50, Outaouais and Laurentians

Slide Revitalisation et aménagement urbain - Quartier des spectacles, Montréal Revitalization and urban development - Quartier des spectacles, Montreal

As a forward-looking company always focused on the people who use the infrastructure we create, we build urban and social development concepts into our projects, including smart and sustainable mobility and responsible economic development. That is how FNX-INNOV has developed services that enable us to break down silos and barriers and bring together all the strands that make up successful projects of all sizes and scope.

Our expertise includes:

  • Urban development
  • Land surveys
  • Railway, harbour, and airport infrastructure
  • Urban infrastructure
  • Road infrastructure
  • Bridges and engineering structures
  • Transportation and smart mobility


Slide Résolument tournée vers l’avenir, c’est l’humain qui est au centre de nos projets avec une intégration systématique des concepts d’aménagements urbains et sociaux, de mobilité intelligente et durable et de soutien au développement économique responsable des villes et régions, etc. Bridges and structures - New Champlain Bridge, Montreal and Montérégie