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FNX-INNOV’s strength is its ability to integrate and optimize a set of products so as to deliver innovative, interactive, and effective solutions that are custom-made to satisfy each of our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

FNX-INNOV designs, integrates, maintains, and upgrades telecommunications projects in Canada and around the world. Building on advanced expertise in this field due to our diverse and flexible resources and a team that keeps current with technology developments, FNX-INNOV is able to respond effectively to the most complex requirements from clients from all sectors of the economy.

Ever attentive to clients’ needs, FNX-INNOV is able to provide integrated services and solutions to fulfil whatever communications requirements they may have. Whether you require new communications networks or other smart systems, such as wired and wireless transmission (conventional, microwave, fibre optics, VSAT), terrestrial broadcast technologies (HF, VHF/UHF, TETRA, APCO, GSM, Wimax/WiFi, LTE), automation and control systems (telemetrics, PLC, RTU, SCADA), and even telephony systems (PBX, VoIP, wireless), FNX-INNOV’s telecommunications team provides service packages that deliver a comprehensive solution, including needs-analysis, detailed design and engineering, installation management and complete systems integration, commissioning, and after-sales services, such as maintenance and technical support.

Our expertise:

We provide a broad range of TELECOM/SCADA solutions that are ideal for industrial and corporate settings.

Turnkey solutions

Architectural design, development, and end-to-end integration of all infrastructure required to support our clients’ telecom operations (while ensuring availability, reliability, performance, and secure communications).

Technology and manufacturer selection in accordance with your specifications

Partners and suppliers selected to provide certified pre-integrated and tested equipment for an optimal solution.

Custom integration

Development of software solutions to integrate key functions and components to ensure successful client operations.