Spotlight on our Factory Quality Control and Assurance services

L’expertise terrain en géotechnique passe au numérique grâce à Geotab

Working primarily with energy producers and distributors, our in-plant Quality Control and Assurance team assists clients in supervising various orders for the manufacture of high-caliber equipment.

The Quality Control and Assurance team offers quality monitoring services to businesses and government agencies that require tight quality control of the products they purchase from various manufacturers, both local and international.  We mainly work with manufacturers of power circuit breakers, high and medium voltage transformers, disconnectors, alternator excitation systems, control and protection panels and relays, chargers and batteries, etc. The team, based at our Longueuil office, is made up of a dozen independent supervisors, all technicians or engineers who provide service throughout the territory of our Quebec and Canadian clients.

A close follow-up for an optimal quality

Our team’s role is to monitor several suppliers for major distributors such as Hydro-Québec, BC Hydro and Hydro Ottawa.  This monitoring includes: ensuring that the supplier maintains an efficient quality system and the existence of documented and effective processes; verifying the manuals and quality plans specific to the products or projects; and ensuring that the supplier maintains a properly trained and experienced team.

Secondly, the supervisor is called upon to witness the execution of type and routine tests on the equipment to be delivered, namely: electrical safety tests such as lightning strike, cable insulation, circuit dielectric strength, power busbar heating and continuity tests, mechanical and electrical tests of all safety and operating systems, and final functional tests.

At the conclusion of the assignment, the supervisor’s services include a visual inspection of the equipment to ensure quality of workmanship, adherence to plans and specifications, and compliance with applicable standards. The supervisor prepares documentation to release the equipment, issues, processes and closes non-conformances and produces supervisory reports.

Here is some light on an expertise that is sometimes overlooked, but how essential to ensure the delivery of electrical equipment according to the highest industry standards.