Unveiling of FNX-INNOV’s Sustainable
Development Policy

Unveiling of FNX-INNOV’s Sustainable Development Policy

FNX-INNOV pursues its objective of social and environmental commitment by unveiling its Sustainable Development Policy to the public.

Over the past several weeks, employees from different areas of the firm have been working with the management to develop the policy to formalize our direction on sustainable development. We now want to draw on best practices to focus our activities on the needs of customers, employees and partners, who are very aware of the current and future constraints related to our environment and our communities.

In addition, the new “Social and Environmental Commitment” page has been put online on our website to present and promote our commitment. This page reflects our ambitions in terms of sustainable development, but also reflects services and actions that are already well anchored in the company’s culture.

We invite you to visit this new page and consult the policy, since the firm’s social and environmental commitment concerns us all.