The FNX-INNOV Scholarship for Interns Program: A Key to Success!

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Our commitment to investing in the next generation of professionals is reflected in the scholarship program for our university and college interns.

For several years, FNX-INNOV has partnered with the educational sector both to welcome the next generation and to get involved in the communities in which we operate. The FNX-INNOV Scholarship for Interns Program is the logical extension of this commitment, as it gives us the freedom to recognize the work of the best talent, regardless of their location!

The concept

At each of the academic sessions, i.e. winter, summer and fall, FNX-INNOV will award scholarship to its interns on the basis of merit. The scholarships will be awarded to interns who have received an excellent evaluation and who have made a significant contribution to innovation, problem solving or business advancement.

Interns from all educational institutions, both college and university, and from all fields of expertise will be able to submit a letter of intent before the end of their internship. A committee made up of representatives from human resources, communications and business units will be responsible for determining the award winners.

A well-deserved recognition

An award ceremony will be held at the end of each session to celebrate with the internship supervisors. The format of this ceremony may vary depending on the geographical location of the fellows as well as the health measures in place. In addition, the communications team will provide visibility to the awardees on internal and external company channels, because there is nothing like a success story to inspire the next one!

Internships to match your ambitions

Our teams recruit a significant number of interns each year from colleges and universities across Canada. If you are currently looking for an internship for the summer of 2022, check with your school’s internship office or visit our Careers page to see all the opportunities!

We look forward to introducing you to the first awardees of this new program. In the meantime, please feel free to contact our human resources teams for any questions related to internships or the new FNX-INNOV Scholarship for Interns Program.