Well-deserved recognition for our teams on the Samuel de Champlain Bridge

On February 28, Infrastructure Canada sent a letter of recognition along with a commemorative coin for our involvement in the Samuel de Champlain Bridge mega-project. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the employees who contributed to the success of this historic project.

From the initial involvement in 2011 of our Bridge and Highway Engineering specialists during the Business Plan phase, to the Owner’s Engineer mandate in 2016 during the Construction phase of the project, to our Reference Project Engineering mandate in 2013 and our Crown Laboratory mandate in 2015, up to the delivery of the Project at the end of 2019 and the reconstruction works of Highway 15 in 2020, our various services of infrastructure, bridges and structures, environment, urban planning, urban infrastructure, traffic maintenance, transport and intelligent mobility, geotechnics and materials control were rendered with professionalism and to the great satisfaction of the Client.

Nearly 150 employees of the firm collaborated directly in the realization of this colossal project, which took almost a decade to complete. Teams from several divisions put their shoulder to the wheel of this project with an exemplary synergy and generated very important revenues. Our expertise is now linked to one of the largest infrastructure projects in Quebec’s history and to a large cable-stayed bridge; it’s thanks to all of you.

Highlights of our involvement:

  • Member of the Consortium to prepare the Business Plan for the New Bridge on the St. Lawrence River (2011-2013).
  • Member of the Consortium for the New Bridge on the St. Lawrence River Reference Project (2013-2015).
  • Member of the Owner’s Engineer’s team for the construction phase (2015-2020).
  • Consortium leader to provide services in Materials Engineering, Geotechnics and Environment on behalf of the Client (2015-2020).
  • Recognition by the Government of Canada of our involvement in the realization of the Samuel de Champlain Bridge Project (2020).

We would like to underline the excellent teamwork achieved with our partners during the different phases of the project.

Lastly, we would like to thank each and every one of the participants in this project for their important contribution. We can be proud to have put our stamp on this project, which we hope will remain a majestic gateway to the city of Montreal for the next 100 years!

To our client, thank you for your trust.

And once again, thank you to all our employees, 150 times BRAVO!