FNX-INNOV is an innovative engineering firm whose resourceful specialists and savvy multidisciplinary teams are driven to achieve success on major projects in efforts to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Innovative, Interactive,
and Effective Solutions

Building on our reputation for innovation, superior technical and technology performance, and effective client service, we deploy our know-how in Canada and around the world on both public and private projects.

Our Personnel are a
Priceless Resource

Our team consists of more than 1000 passionate professionals and experts driven by a sense of discovery and a desire to innovate as part of an integrated and custom-service approach on every project – from design to implementation.

Meeting our Clients’ Most Complex Requirements

We rely on our experienced team’s strengths and energy to deliver a full range of services in various sectors, including the environment, energy, infrastructure, water treatment, building, energy efficiency, industrial and mining engineering, telecommunications, earth sciences, materials engineering, construction and project management.

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A Commitment to Purposeful Work

Our personnel embody our quest for peak quality, performance, and excellence and a world free of barriers where mutual respect and mutual aid are the norm and environmental protection is top of mind.